Oh I Know Now!

In This Episode:
  • Pet Tales: Diggy reminisces about childhood pets, from a Yorkshire Terrier named Sally to the adventurous rabbits and more. It's a journey through the joys and heartaches of pet ownership.
  • Musical Memories: Discover how a makeshift band and a homemade radio show became the highlights of Diggy's childhood, proving that creativity knows no bounds.
  • Tech Snafus: A tale of technological woes and accidental deletions serves as a reminder of our digital vulnerabilities.
  • Gym Quest: Did Diggy make it to the gym this week? Find out if the streak continues or if life's little interruptions took their toll.
  • Listener Interactions: This episode introduces a new way for listeners to connect, share feedback, and even influence future content. Plus, a sneak peek at an upcoming segment that promises to blend learning with laughter.
  • Pick of the Week: Diggy shares a tool that keeps his life organized and his tasks in check. If you've ever struggled with to-do lists or keeping track of ideas, you won't want to miss this recommendation.
Links from the show
  • (00:00) - #askafreebee
  • (05:21) - This Week
  • (27:01) - What Goo Talkin' About!
  • (32:52) - Ai Question Of The Week
  • (34:38) - Gripe Of The Week!
  • (37:22) - Thank You!
  • (38:48) - Pick Of The Week
  • (42:25) - Finalé

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General geek, I like to take pictures of stuff. I’m also the owner of https://t.co/v7zr7y0my1
Oh I Know Now!
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