I'm Barely Holding It Together!

Episode 41: I'm Barely Keeping It Together!

🍕 Hey there, Free Bee fans! It's Diggy, and this week on That's a Free Bee, we're diving into the delicious world of pizza toppings, catching up with Alex, and yes, I've got a little rant about a visit to the doctors—because why not, right?

🎙️ What's on the menu for today?
  • Kicking off with the ever-favorite Ask Bee Anything question: What's your favorite pizza topping? Spoiler alert: I'm all about that ham and mushroom, though sometimes my stomach disagrees.
  • I'll be catching up with my good buddy Alex. We’re talking all things casual and keeping the mood light because, let's be honest, I'm barely holding it together this week!
  • Gripe of the Week: Oh, the joys of interacting with doctor's office receptionists. It's a rollercoaster, folks!
🎼 And of course, it all starts with our theme tune, so let’s get the vibes going!

🍍 Little bits of joy:
  • Confession time: I’m lactose intolerant but can't say no to pizza. And yes, I think pineapple on pizza is fine—shoutout to my daughter who loves it!
  • Dealing with Chronic Urticaria isn’t fun, folks. I’m talking steroids, shakes, and a whole lot of tiredness. But hey, we push through, right?
👨‍👧 Family Time:
  • As a dad, my weeks revolve around school runs and squeezing in rest. Kids, energy, who knew they took so much?
🤔 AI Question of the Week:
  • What's the most interesting or unexpected thing you’ve learned about yourself since starting your podcast? Hint: It involves dealing with my own voice and microphone struggles.
📢 A Call to Chat:
  • Got questions or want to make my day by interacting? Head over to thatsafreebee.com, use the hashtag #askbeeanything on social, or just hit me up on our new and improved social platforms. All the links are right in the show notes now!
🤗 Gratitude Moment:
  • Big shoutout to all of you listening—whether you're a longtime listener or just joined the Free Bee family, your support means the world. Don’t forget to check out our Patreon page to support the show further and get access to exclusive content!
So buckle up, grab your favorite pizza slice (pineapple or not), and let’s dive into another episode filled with chaos, laughter, and a bit of moaning—because that’s how we do it here at That's a Free Bee!
🐝 Stay buzzing, my friends, and let's keep it light and funny as always!

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